Living longer at home

Living in older ages – a topic that many people deal with sooner or later. Living independently, self-determined and safely in your own home for as long as possible is of great importance to everyone. Especially when they need help and care, those affected want to continue to be cared for in their familiar surroundings and not have to move to a nursing or retirement home.

Care provided by relatives or outpatient care services help to fulfill this wish. However, needs-based care adapted to the wishes and needs of the elderly are often made more difficult by various barriers. These include, for example, the lack of compatibility between care and work for relatives, rooms that are not equipped for senior citizens or the serious shortage of nursing staff.

  • Digital reminders and notifications
  • Different sensors to detect brightness, temperature and movement – even when you’re not at home
  • Technical devices that switch themselves off after use
  • Signal when windows and doors are left open
  • Technical devices for telemedicine, e.g. tablets
  • Digital overview of the health situation of those in need of care
  • Message to carers as soon as the person to be cared for needs help

DeinHaus 4.0 in Lower Bavaria

DeinHaus 4.0 is a research project of the Technical University of Deggendorf and is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care.

The project researches technical and digitally supported solutions that provide support in the living environment and presents them to the public in model facilities.

DeinHaus 4.0 should help to reduce fears and reservations about new technologies and improve acceptance of digital assistance in the population. Whether in need of care, illness or prevention – DeinHaus 4.0 deals with possibilities to use the right aids sensibly and according to the situation.


As part of the project, a 9-month study was carried out in almost 100 households throughout Lower Bavaria. The participating households received a technology set on the topics of health and safety in old age.

Of course, particular attention was paid to the protection of personal data. In addition to an ethics application with a positive vote, a data protection impact assessment was also prepared for the implementation of the DeinHaus 4.0 study and approved by the THD data protection officer.

Visit us

We would like to invite you to visit our model facilities and the adventure center. Here we show you technical-digital solutions that support you in your self-determined life in your usual home.

To make an appointment, please send an email to or call us on 0991 3615-615.

Model House Wolf

Am Stadtwald 20, 94486 Osterhofen

Guided tours are always possible on the last Friday of the month.
(Appointments on other days may also be possible on request.)

Model Apartment Erl

Oberer Stadtplatz 18, 94469 Deggendorf

Guided tours are always possible on the first Friday of the month.
(Appointments on other days may also be possible on request.)

Digital Health Experiece Center

Land-Au 27, 94469 Deggendorf

Guided tours are always possible on Friday.
(Appointments on other days may also be possible on request.)

Visit us online

If you would like to take a look at our model facilities online, you can find virtual tours of our model house, model apartment and model room here.


Responsibles & Funding

The DeinHaus 4.0 project is being implemented in Lower Bavaria by the Technical University of Deggendorf.

The project is funded with 4.5 million euros by the Bavarian State Ministry for Health and Care.

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